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I'm Rachel, a mum of 3, a twice certified holistic and embodiment coach, and I'm an award-winning, 20+ years' digital marketing expert.

And I am obsessed with busting the old 'Have It All 'nonsense wide open... 

Why? To make way for #thenewhaveitall...

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Having It All. What does it even mean? 

We are all unique, so one person's having it all is another's nightmare! In the meaning of 'having a career and motherhood' it just makes me MAD. Because the idea of it seems so great, but the reality isn't. Having it all, to me, means now, sadly, having a career and kids - and doing it - but being EXHAUSTED. 

The current mode of Having It All is making many of us burnt out - or possibly, for those who reject it, sad (that they 'can't'). So many of us fit around one of these opposites: we either try to juggle career and kids and end up burned out - or see that it's impossible and don't try so end up depressed as we are lacking purpose (not that having a family isn't purpose enough, it totally is - but for those who want more, I can help). 

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Battle no more.

After years of battling between my life purpose and love of entrepreneurialism and how to bring that side of me to life, whilst also being a present mother and prioritise my own wellbeing...

I finally made a breakthrough this year. 

I finally feel fully equipped to embark on this ambitious adventure - helping to usher in the new paradigm of non-hustle business for bold, soul-led mamas who are holistic or creatively skilled.

There ARE two main models of online biz that are time short, serve the highest good, and can make a lot of money. IF ALIGNED with your purpose and passion: Digital programs and products. By blending these with live touch points and a unique-to-you approach, depending on where you are at when you come to me - we can get you more time with your kids, serving more people, and more money in your bank. 

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 Why choose me?

I worked in digital marketing for top agencies with brands like Intel for 10 years. Then I was an award-winning blogger and YouTuber (700K+ views!) for another 10 years whilst I stayed at home with my kiddoes. I'm a 500 hour yoga teacher, Reiki Level 2, a Mind Body Practitioner and Holistic Life Coach, and an Embodiment Coach (cert in progress). I have also had hours of coaching and worked with amazing teachers and spent thousands on personal development. 

In short, I know a lot about digital business; holistic wellbeing - and being a mum. What I am best at is having a clear vision (in human design I'm a Projector) and taking action to make it happen. I am also intuitive and use Angel cards to connect with spirit guides. This is my special sauce - and whether you vibe with this or not presently, trust me, when the Universe is on your side, you are powerful AF!

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