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Imagine, in just 12 weeks' time, you are celebrating having gone LIVE with your dreamy online business! 🎉

You have queenly confidence, you are crystal clear on your Big Vision, and you have, by your side at all times, a gorgeously unique, printed roadmap. 

This is your bible: in here is the work that you created, your manifesto that took you from resentful, confused and depressed to healed, clear and firing on all cylinders with your dreamy flex online biz. 

Your business fires you up, supports your family and elevates the collective. You're jumping out of bed each day to work in small pockets, around your family - and including plenty of self care...

Well. Imagine no more...

✨This is SOUL BIZ MAMA✨   

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Hey hey! I'm Rachel. It's my mission to help soul-led mamas with holistic or creative gifts to move online and serve more people whilst also having time to be a present mother and prioritise her own self care. ✨✨✨

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Are you ready?

Are you ready to end the non stop brain chatter about HOW to pull together your life-purpose-business and balance it with family? To stop swinging from searching for jobs and looking for a safe way out of the maddening loop - or trying to explain your life purpose calling to loved ones and why it matters so much? 

I GET IT. 🫶🏻

Are you ready to go get what you really want: a life purpose fulfilled in the shape of a dreamy online holistic or creative business AND be a present mama with time for self care, homey stuff, AND a rock star biz?

Are you ready for ⬇️

❤️‍🩹 HEALING around limiting beliefs? (believe me, you got some!)

🔮 CLARITY about your life purpose? (excavating your unique life story!)

👑 QUEENLY confidence because you have your unique business and mindset roadmap? (you, but 2.0)

🕰 MORE TIME to be a mama and a biz owner? (THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB)

💷 INCOME doing what you love? (you deserve to be paid for your gifts and people NEED YOUR MEDICINE!)

And let's not forget... Knocking these on the head FOREVER:

❌ Confusion/madness about the non-stop thought cycle: business / job / SAHM??! 

❌ Anger/resentment towards those who appear to be doing what you want 

❌ Sadness about not being able to live your purpose - it's not too much to ask!

❌ Resignation about it ‘not being possible’ 

❌ Guilt - you feel like you SHOULD be happy with your lot?


Choose a next step ⬇️ or keep reading, MAMA!

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I SEE YOU. Because I was you... 🫶🏻

➡️ You have tried applying for jobs but you don't get them or you do but you don't want them!!! 

➡️  You have tried running the life purpose business but it didn’t work for several reasons! 

So, the only option you can see is to give up and ⬇️

1. Unfulfilled SAHM (PS being a SAHM is AWESOME, but only if that IS your dream and you are not suppressing something else, babe!)

2. Try to get a flexible job and just accept your lot in life. (PS again, getting a job is awesome, but only if it's what you really desire, my love!)


Listen, I’ve been where you are. I know what it's like to want to live your soul contract life purpose, to HEAR the call from the universe, but to really struggle to get your shit together because:  

Dogs, kids, house, husband, cleaning, school events, PTA, birthday parties, social life, trying to be fit, attempting to be reasonably attractive or fashionable. .. the list goes ON! 😣 

You are NOT alone my love. Far from it. Since I launched my holistic business coaching for mums I have met lots of gifted, passionate and amazing women in this exact spot.


The same spot I was in. 


👩🏼‍💼 ➡️👧🏼🧒🏼🧒🏼🧘

I worked in digital marketing at top agencies for years and loved it. Then I had kids and became a SAHM, because I wanted to be present. I compromised and worked for myself as a blogger and award winning youtuber where I learned a lot about how to make money online. Then I had depression when I turned 40 and retrained - in holistic wellbeing, as a coach, a yoga teacher and in embodiment. 

😔 🤷‍♀️

But I could not get it together as a holistic practitioner AND be a present mum.
Why? Because holistic practitioners exchange hours for money - and that is limited and low paid. So I gave up.

😆I applied for so many jobs. I got interviews. I even got jobs - and then declined them LOL!

😆 I have two Masters degree places offered to me that start in September! LOL!

😔 I have ALMOST launched or soft launched about 6 businesses in the holistic space - and burned them to the ground at the 11th hour, as I felt SO overwhelmed at trying to balance my crazy kids, my insane animals, and my house that no one else ever tidies - bearing in mind I have no local support from family, no cleaner and no babysitters… I just melted down, each time. Distraught that I couldn't see a way to claim my birthright to a life purpose AND have a family. 


So, I would focus on being a SAHM for a bit, which, to be fair, was my most happy spot (because being a present, time rich mum is SO important to me)… UNTIL my life purpose would bubble up again - cue the cycle on repeat again… it nearly broke my marriage, and I spent thousands on trying to fix this apparently unfixable problem. 

🍷 😭

To say this was a maddening is an understatement - it was ruining my mental health and also caused me to relapse into drinking again after long periods sober. 

This was no joke. It was actually ruining my life. 

Set up a Zoom 20 min chat with me if my story resonates. I have some suggestions for you right off the bat that will help you see more clearly whether your holistic or creative skills COULD convert into a more time rich business model, no obligation or pressure - you have my word. Click Meeting from my Calendly for 15 mins to see if I can help you!

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So, how did I fix this 'unfixable' issue???


I took time out and I followed my joy - and that led me to discover Embodiment practices, where you FEEL what needs healing. I stopped trying to fix this thing with my mind and allowed the universe to lead me back to my body. 


I got into this amazing modality and felt into my areas that needed addressing. The mind can't fix the mind's problems. But the body can. 


First, I had to HEAL my own limiting beliefs around my own WORTHINESS, ENOUGHNESS and my RIGHT to abundance. (Trauma had caused me to feel shame, lack and unworthiness.)


I also had to release FEAR OF SCRUTINY (what will people think, they see me launch hand then burn so many things!)


AND PERFECTIONISM. (Girl, the house will be more messy if you do this - let it!) 




AHA! I knew how to create online programs and products.


 AHA! I knew how to market using social.


 AHA! I also knew how to use NON SOCIAL to sell. 


AHA! I was holistically trained and knew how to replicate my own healing to other BLOCKED AF MUMS! 


AHA! I knew that my problem was my business: the obstacle is the path


AHA! I knew that my audience was my niche - we are always just reaching back to help others with what we know 


I suddenly had a vision for a flexible, time-rich, highly personalised system, that involved: 





I started seeing clients for low entry pricing: 

✅ I saw a pattern, we all had similar problems: this was a sisterhood in the making

✅ I knew through healing combined with business advice I could make a big impact - a new paradigm, innately female 

✅ The women I worked with started to have impact and get super clear on what they were here to do 


Hook Me Up!
✨ I had cured my own problem and was helping others to do the same thing, whilst also helping to serve humanity by amplifying the healing community 
✨ I have peace of mind: the tortuous cycle has finally been broken. 
✨I help other like-minded women feel seen and heard - and give them real solutions. 
I am growing every day, doing more uncomfortable things and leading by example.
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Course outline is here!

🤗 If you’re struggling to see a way to make a holistic business work for you around your family 

🤗 If you want to stop explaining to your family and SHOW them instead what you are here for

🤗 If you want to stop the job or Masters search, once and for all

🤗 If you want to do what you love, serve more people and make more money - but work LESS

🤗 If you want a wingwoman in your corner to laugh with, cry with, FEEL with and who sees you in all your glory

🤗 If you believe equally in the importance of HEALING with hard business skills and knowledge 

🤗 If you want to transmute your story into purpose (in a totally safe way) drawing in clients with the magnet of soul recognition 

🤗 If you want to develop Queenly Confidence about your offering 

🤗 If you want to create a gorgeous, printed out mindset and business roadmap of your Big Vision for the next 5 years! 

🤗 If you want to nail your niche, and your mission statement and have it roll of your tongue silkily and effortlessly 

🤗 If you want to join a sisterhood of mamas (free membership for duration of course) just like you who get it - to do embodiment, yoga work shoulder to shoulder and support one another…

Then this is for you!


12 Weeks to HEAL Limiting Beliefs; Get CLARITY on your purpose; CREATE a roadmap and LAUNCH Your Biz!


Invest in 3 monthly payments

My Unique, Embodied Three Step Approach for Busy Mamas To Launching A Flexible Online Biz:

Step One: Heal old limiting beliefs about what it means to run a business (and we ALL have them!)

Step Two: Clarity around your life purpose - and your niche (so you jump out of bed every day to be with your people!)

Step 3: Birth your business with a website and a solid 5 year roadmap document (you will feel safe and supported and be raring to go!)

SOUL BIZ MAMA includes:... 

📖 Journal to consolidate learning (worth £9.99)

🧙FREE membership of The Coven Telegram (community, monthly yoga, monthly embodiment, monthly co-working and monthly Q&A) for 3 months (worth £66)

🫂12 x 1 hour sessions with me (worth £1200)

📚12 x weekly homework activities with videos, meditations, PDF templates etc (worth £222) 

👼🏽 1 x Tarot and Angel Oracle Reading Over Telegram (worth £77)

Total investment worth = £1575 

Actual cost = £999 (3 x payments of £333) 

Saving of £576!!

In 2025 this program will be increasing to £2000 working 121 with me, so grab this lower priced program now whilst it’s still a fresh out the box offering!

Go for it!

What this is NOT:

  • A get rich quick thing 🙈
  • A business-only experience - we get deep on YOU 😅
  • There are no guarantees 🤚🏻
  • I will not do all the work for you 🙅🏼‍♀️
  • A dry ass business coaching expertise borefest 🫠

What this IS:

  • 12 weeks of heart centred, embodied coaching where we will go deep and heal old blocks 🥹 this is where the MAGIC is ✨
  • A trauma informed space ❤️ (I will never go beyond my remit and if you need more I will refer you) 
  • A promise from my heart to yours 🫶🏻 that we will extract your unique life purpose ⚡️ and birth a fire business from it by the end of our time 🔥
  • A spiritual experience 💫 where we will be working in the realm of your and my Highest Selves, for the Highest Good 🌎 (If that sounds too much for you then we may not be a good fit) 
  • An open, honest, heartfelt, raw, female, EMBODIED space in which you can bring ALL OF YOU! 🌈🌪⛈
Course outline is here darling!

Month 1: HEAL

I use holistic and embodiment coaching to go deep INTO our what we FEEL in our bodies, around money, purpose, and life. This is the most important part. You may well have generations of stuck ideas to get through - and we are gonna GO THERE! Phew! 😅

I Want to GO!

Month 2: CLARITY

Next we look deep into why you are here, your story, your obstacle (which is actually, the path), your pain and struggle. This is your Life Purpose. Your soul contract. This will create your niche and become your manifesto. 🤯

I'm Ready!

Month 3: CREATE

The 'business end' of what we do. But also the CREATIVE PART! We BUILD! Your future. Your empire. Your legacy. We tie everything up with your website, your launch 🚀 And we work out a solid, foolproof, meltdown proof plan to safely hold you in the months that follow. 🫂

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Recent feedback...

"Thanks so much Rachel, I absolutely loved our session today. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you have made me feel lighter and given me clarity of thought for what I need to do to fulfll my dharma. I’m looking forward to the next session!" SA


"Had an amazing session with Rachel today. Go book a session with her!" SW

Let's do it!


Some FAQs that I expect you may have! 🧐

Why work with me?

⚡️AWARD-WINNING CREATOR - (Best Cookery Vlogger Northern Blog Awards) - with 789,211 views on YouTube

⚡️ DIGITAL EXPERT - 20+ Years in Digital working with Household Name Brands like Intel, Mumsnet, Jamie Oliver and so many more - for top agencies and self employed 

⚡️ HOLISTIC TRAINING - Yoga 500 hour, AromaYoga, Yin Yoga, Sober Yoga, Reiki 2, Holistic Coach, Mind Body Practitioner, Embodiment Coach

⚡️ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT EXPERT - I've worked with masters in their field: of business, coaching, healing, aromatherapy, yoga and more. 

Mostly, though, I'm a mum of 3 who really does get it. 

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If you are feeling called, I encourage you to be bold, and heart-led
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"Fortune always favours the brave - and never a (wo)man who doesn't help herself"

PT Barnum (The Greatest Showman was based on his life story)

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I invite you to take one more moment to imagine what’s actually possible for you...


😃What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling pure peace of mind - and excited!? To be in flow, with an abundant business that is time rich and serves many - with ease and joy?

😃 To no longer struggle to get clear on your business and instead be clear, confident and healed? I want you to know that you really can do what you so desire - and not in the old, Have It All model, which is outdated! 

😃 What would life be like if you never had to burn out (for little money) to show up for your life purpose of being a healer or creative, and could wake up every day with confidence—knowing your business is earning, with automated systems, beautiful live touchpoints with your tribe, and serving many more than you ever dreamed?

😃 Imagine if… you had queenly confidence, crystal clear vision, sisterly support from like-minded witchy babes and a rock solid roadmap to take you from resentful, confused and depressed to healed, clear and cracking on with your dreamy flex online biz! Jumping out of bed each day to work in small pockets, around your family!

😃 Close your eyes and imagine a life where you had YOUR dream flexible online biz, and could finally feel free, clear and expansive - your future self realised! Now open your eyes, because it’s about to be your reality.  

I'm in, Rachel! 💥💥💥